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Working with seniors:
a rewarding experience!

Residents are active, full of life and have so many stories to share. So forget all the clichés and your preconceived notions!

What that looks like, day to day


Nourishing relationships

Spending time with seniors is interacting with the builders of our society. It’s also exchanging ideas with people who still have so much to offer and developing relationships that will deepen what you know about yourself too.


An evolving work environment

Working with seniors is so stimulating! You are guaranteed to have exciting new challenges and dynamic days filled with activity.


Make a real difference

When you work with seniors, you are making a real difference in their lives. You have the opportunity to feel valued every day and to truly contribute to a happier living space for everyone.

Discover some aspects of
working in a residence

Joannie Grenier
- Director of Nursing Services
at the SEVÄ residence

“We pride ourselves on creating a healthy and pleasant living environment for residents. We have a shared vision of care: that it be well done and respectful. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do with my life, take care of people.”

Josée Tremblay
- Server and Supervisor
at the SEVÄ residence

“We are all a family here. The residents that we work with every day, we know them, what they need and what they like.”

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Featured positions

“When I return home at night, I feel like I’ve positively contributed to the lives of our residents.”
Geneviève Lecouteur   — Server at the Elogia residence

Frequently asked questions
from future employees

About the available positions

What does the term “independent seniors” mean?

The term “independent seniors” refers to autonomous and semi-autonomous residents. It means that seniors can go about their daily activities without assistance. They made the decision to live in a residence primarily for socialization and safety.

What measures are in place to ensure the safety of employees?

Faced with the exceptional situation we are experiencing, the safety of employees and residents is paramount. Together with the public health authorities, we have put in place several measures and procedures to ensure the health of all. Some of these measures include:

- Wearing a mask in the common areas of the residence,
- Temperature checks when entering a residence,
- A register of entries and exits,
- Voluntary test screening at the residence,
- Increased disinfection and cleaning of the common areas of the residences.

We know that every individual gesture counts. This is why every employee needs to keep a close eye and be part of the solution.

Tips on how to apply

How to apply

Apply directly from our Job Openings section. Complete the application form for the opening that interests you most and then click “Submit.”

What if I want to apply for a job that isn’t currently open?

Don’t let that stop you. Complete and send us a spontaneous application anyway.

How does the recruitment process work?

Once you have sent your application, you will receive a notification confirming that we have received it. We will then contact you if your application is selected. Our process involves two interviews.